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Modern Marketing Methods and The Common Core

When growing up, kids’ neural pathways are still developing, but what does this mean for learning? It means that it’s easier to teach them things, because they can ingrain them into their memory.

It’s not as easy for adults, but it’s still possible! And that’s the main idea for today:

Can an old dog learn new tricks?

common core marketingAbout 10 years ago, many private schools began to teach math a different way from public schools. These methods are used by intelligent people in Ivy League schools today!

You might be chomping at the bit to know what their methods were, right?

The way they taught math is what is currently known as “common core.”

While “common core” might send a shiver down your spine, hear me out. The ideas below are relevant to you as an adult and as a marketer.

Common core can allow you to do long division and other complex problems in your head. These techniques are used by MIT students, and you wouldn’t believe how much faster and easier they are once you learn them. However, it can be difficult to adjust when you’re used to a certain way of doing things.

What does common core have to do with marketing?

When it comes to common core and marketing, it doesn’t matter who’s right and who’s wrong. Can you remember a time when starting a war in your office actually benefited anyone?

The important thing is to find the most efficient way of doing things—and then to use that method.

Attraction marketing and other current methods of online network marketing are not like the marketing techniques you might have heard about for decades.

Being able to do math in your head—and being able to do it quickly—is more efficient than having to get a piece of paper out.

Old-school and new-school techniques are quite different…

  • Brand your company, or do you brand yourself?
  • Pose as a non-threatening non-expert, or establish yourself as an authority on your subject and market?
  • Active prospecting or passive prospecting when looking for potential customers?

learn internet marketingModern marketing methods use online networking, social media, and new types of advertising.

While there aren’t many reasons to learn common core, it’s just a fact of life that teachers are going to need to learn to use it and teach it. Kids need to be empowered with these methods in order to keep up and then step above the rest.

And the same applies to you!

You need to learn what attraction marketing is, because that’s just what people are doing now. And it’s working!

It takes time to learn it, and you probably won’t even like it initially.

But ask yourself: “What happens when I figure it out? –What happens when I learn this new skill?”

It lets you solve things more efficiently, just like how common core can let you solve math problems in your head.

Using a sales funnel and a Facebook fan page are great places to start. You don’t have to actively do as much—people will find your page based on advertisements about things that they need or are interested in. –Passive prospecting is easier than ever! Leads go to IM inboxes, websites, and e-mails. People can buy from you every day without being prompted.

It can take a year or two to learn how to master some of these techniques, but once you do, you can use them for efficiency in your daily life.

You can’t just be open to new ways of thinking. It takes maturity and humility to set your past aside and try something new. You don’t even have to expose everyone on your team to it. Just set aside your ego and try it, just to see how it works and if it’s something you can use.

And what works for your competition may not work for you. You have to figure out what you need and what you can use.

Facebook Nework MarketingFacebook groups and fan pages are great for building networks. You can use sales funnels to build retail businesses. And if you’re particularly ambitious, you can use Facebook, funnels, active prospecting, and every other opportunity you can get your hands on.

Not everyone in marketing needs a website; social media on its own can be helpful in terms of getting sales and repeat customers.

Facebook ads and fan pages can connect you with new audiences, and they can privately message you when they see the ads. An endless stream of customers sounds a lot better than scattered sales, right?

Even if you want to use everything else that’s considered “old school,” you can still benefit from using just a few attraction-marketing methods. You can fill in the gaps of where you were missing customers by branching out with new methods.


That’s all for today’s topic!

What do you think of current online networking techniques in terms of marketing? Have you used any of them? Were they difficult for you to learn?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Note: This article was sourced from a FB Live by Ferny Ceballos, CMO of Elite Marketing Pro

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